What To Wear When: Interviewing For Nasa

Is there intelligent life on other planets? (Is there even intelligent life on this planet?) That’s the question that space exploration is all about. And if we ever do make contact with an alien species, you’re going to want to be dressed for the occasion.

Unfortunately, in space, not only can no one hear you scream, but no one can appreciate how you’ve deliberately clashed your shoes with your handbag. And as chic as those astronaut suits are, those helmets are a bad hair day waiting to happen.

So you’re going to have to make your space-age fashion debut here on earth. When NASA’s head honcho tracks you bright young things down and offers you a top-secret position in their ranks, these are the things to pack for the interview process.

NASA spends all day looking at exploding supernovas, so you’ll have to work hard to impress them. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for rockets by taking some cues from the 60’s Space Age trend. Inspired by the space race between Russia and the US and popularised by designers like Paco Rabanne and André Courrèges, it involved peek-a-boo inserts, foil metallics and plastic galore.

To avoid looking like you’re off to a costume party, limit the retro vibe to your accessories. This white stingray bracelet has the clean lines and futuristic palette of the Space Age while still looking modern enough to take on board a spaceship.

A standout piece that’ll turn heads across the galaxy is the Saint Laurent silver leather biker jacket. Exposed zips and a tough, tailored look mean will make any space invaders think twice about crossing your path and show the interviewers that you’re ready for lift-off.

To convince NASA’s bigwigs that you can zoom through space with the best of them, set your courses towards masculine-inspired, slouchy tailoring. Think Sigourney Weaver as Ripley – you’re going for a don’t-fuck-with-me kind of competence. This khaki asymmetric tunic hits all bases with a structured silhouette and a drawstring waist.

The NASA standard issue footwear aren’t exactly high-concept fashion, so the interview process might be your last chance to wear shoes that don’t look like concrete blocks. These Ann Demeulemeester Blanche boots are worth crossing the universe for, and adds a touch of sci-fi surrealism courtesy of a curved heel. More suited to a catwalk than a spacewalk, it’ll reassure the interviewer that you’re not fazed by the unexpected. Which is probably a bonus if you’re travelling to the far reaches of the galaxy.

I imagine that NASA’s interviews are held in some secret desert, miles away from prying eyes. Avoid the heat and leave the scaly skin to the aliens by keeping moisturised. Make sure to pack the iconic No7 range from Boots, which includes products for all skin types and comes with SPF 15. You don’t want to turn up for your first day red and peeling.

Sunglasses are a must, and this mirrored River Island pair are the perfect finishing touch for any space explorer’s outfit.

There are no corner shops in space, so you’re going to have to take everything with you and a clutch just won’t cut it. Show the interviewers that you’re prepared for any eventuality with this tan Aleena bag. It can be used as a handheld – perfect for strolling around headquarters – and then transforms into a rucksack to keep your hands free.

You can also add a bit of out-of-this world glamour to the interview process while staying professional. This UV nail varnish is subtle enough to get past NASA’s radar unnoticed but as soon as you hit the club with the other astronauts, you’ll glow like a UFO.

So pack your suitcase and jump into the limousine, because NASA doesn’t mess about. Once you’ve impressed them with your genius (and genius fashion sense) you’ll be shooting off to the stars faster than the speed of light. To infinity and beyond!

Article reproduced here was originally published by Crave Magazine (June 2014) and is no longer available online. 

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