What to wear when: Joyriding

There’s something glamorous and gritty about the world of street racing. Why else would it be the subject of so many video games, films, and films based on video games? (Need for Speed – a car crash even Aaron Paul couldn’t save.)

It fulfils every fantasy; a gung-ho team of outcasts travelling at death-defying speeds to prove a point. The one problem is that it’s just so macho; women are usually relegated to the side-lines in a pair of booty shorts and a pout. And those cars don’t come cheap.

So if you want to challenge the laws of the street, you might have to “borrow” a suitable vehicle. And there’s no point in joyriding if you can’t do it in style; after all, if all goes south you’re going to want to look good in your mugshots.


Feminine and aggressive is the look we’re going for; beat the boys at their own game, and look fierce while you’re doing it. This Kenzo embroidered marl shirt is the high fashion version of a sporty graphic tee – bare your teeth, tiger, and pounce on that unattended Ferrari.


If you’re going to steal a car, you’d may as well steal one that co-ordinates with your outfit. Match your trousers to the luxe leather interior; these Alexander Wang skinny pants have a rock vibe that’ll boost your street cred in no time.


There’s nothing subtle about this look; we’re going for hyper-urban and graffiti-inspired, so bright colours and bold prints are key. With this in mind, the Marissa calf-hair heels from Sophia Webster are your go-to footwear. These neon, leopard-spotted bad boys are perfect for slamming down the accelerator when you’re close to the finish line.


It’s hard to steer with the sun in your face, so stay on the track with a pair of sunglasses. These bold lime green frames from River Island are an urban version of a retro classic, and mean you’ll be able to eye up the competition without being caught out.


If rapper and TV presenter Xzibit has taught me anything (and he has; so much) it’s that accessories are key to any vehicle. But you may not have time to install new hubcaps into your stolen wheels, and fuzzy dice are better left in your aunt’s Volvo. Jazz up your interior with these jewel-look House of Holland fake nails. Grand theft auto never looked so bling.

Article reproduced here was originally published by Crave Magazine (August 2014) and is no longer available online. 

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